Family & Parent Groups

Parents are an integral part of the Hernández School. Many parents volunteer their time in the classroom, chaperone field trips and 75-80% of the parents attend Open House three times a year. There are four main committees for parents to serve on the School Parent Council, the School Site Council, the Climate Committee and the Noche de Fiesta Committee.

School Parent Council (SPC):
all parents are a member of this group. Meetings are held monthly and childcare and pizza are provided for those parents who need it. Issues of concern to parents are discussed at the SPC. The co-chairs then discuss the issues with the principal in order to come up with a resolution to each issue.

School Site Council: six parents are elected to the SSC from the SPC. Six staff members also serve on the SSC. The SSC also meets monthly. Issues of a more academic nature are discussed and the council assists the principal and staff in planning the academic path of the school.

Noche de Fiesta Committee: a volunteer committee composed of parents and staff members. They meet several times throughout the school year to plan our annual family fiesta. The committee also has sub-committees that concentrate on food, raffle prizes and location.

School Climate Committee: this is a volunteer committee composed mainly of parents who are concerned about disciplinary and mental health issues. Meetings are held at the school on a monthly basis.