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Through Boston Public Schools (BPS) Department of Food and Nutrition Services (FNS)  we are able to supply healthy snacks for all students enrolled in the Hernández After School program.

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Shelf Stable Meals Allergen & Nutritional Information 

* Please Note that BPS provides HASP with shelf-stable meals


Healthy Snack Initiative:

It’s incredibly important to us here at HASP to accommodate all children’s dietary needs. Part of this commitment includes providing healthy snacks for the children before the beginning of programming. If you send your child to school with an after school snack, that’s excellent! However, there are a few requirements these snacks must meet in the BPS system:

  • must not be candy, cakes, or cupcakes
  • must have less than 10% calories from Saturated Fat
  • must have 0 grams trans fat
  • must have less than 35% calories from sugar and less than 35 % calories from fat
  • must have less than 100 calories total

If you have a picky eater or low access to this kind of food feel free to reach out to the HASP team at any time- we’d be happy to support you and find creative solutions for spreading healthy eating habits throughout our school. In addition, due to the risk of allergic reactions, under no circumstances is a staff member allowed to give food, snacks, or candy of any kind; healthy or unhealthy to a student.  This includes baked goods for birthdays and other festive occasions. We also strongly discourage bringing peanuts or items with peanuts to program.


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