Current and Past Projects

Dual Language Programming

AP Spanish Program:

The purpose of the Rafael Hernandez K8 middle school program for AP Spanish is to engage students that have been learning in both Spanish and English since Kindergarten in early preparation for college success. After studying throughout middle school, 8th grade students will take exams during their final semester. Those who receive a score of 3 or higher may be excused from college language credits and will have formal proof of Spanish Language competency. Last year 35 eight grade students took the AP Spanish Exam. These students were not only the first students at the Hernández to complete the AP Spanish Exam, but also the first middle school students in the State of Massachusetts!

COVID-19 Relief: Our Impact 

Remote Learning Communities:

When BPS announced the transition to hybrid learning last spring, we made sure to respond to our community’s most pressing needs. The Rafael Hernandez partnered with the Egleston YMCA and Boston Franklin Park Zoo to provide access to remote learning support and child care so that families are able to build resilience and self-sufficiency through work. Students at the Franklin Park Zoo learned remotely in the “Zoo Barn” and spent their downtime learning about anything and everything Zoo-related. Meanwhile, students at the YMCA spent their time learning remotely at the local Y and engaging in positive youth development activities. 

Food Distribution:

The Rafael Hernandez has also partnered with local food stories, the Egleston YMCA, and Stop&Shop to provide access to food and other basic needs so families at the Hernández could access adequate nutrition and sanitation at home. We were able to serve 600+ Hernández Families through our food distribution program last year! 


School Supply Distribution:

According to a report from the Kids In Need Foundation, school supplies improved student’s behavior to 64%, increased class preparedness to 94%, increased participation to 83%, and increased self-esteem to 76%. At the Rafael Hernandez, where 95% of students are children of color and 62.9% are English Language Learners (ELLs), self-confidence and class engagement are of utmost importance for our student’s success. That’s why when we switched to remote learning, we made sure that all of our students had access to supplies at home. Last year we purchased, packaged, and distributed over 400+ school supply kits to students.

Permanent Donation Center:

Since our Covid-19 Relief Efforts began in 2020, we have successfully established apermanent donation center located in our school gym to provide clothing, hygiene products, food, home goods, PPE, and more for all families in need.